12 ECJ cases that have influenced the UK's legal system

There have been a large amount of ECJ cases and judgements that have influenced the UK's legal system, economy and society. Underneath are twelve cases of interest. 

1. Van Genda en Loos 26/62 [1963] ECR 1:

This ruling first established the doctrine of 'direct effect' of European law.

2. Factortame I C-213/89 [1990] ECR I-2433 

Along with the Factortame II, these confirmed the supremacy of EU law over the relevant areas of competence such as (in these cases) fishing. 

3. Van Duyn v Home Office 41/74 [1974] ECR 1337

A case concerning the free movement of workers between member states. 

4. Carpenter C-60/00 [2002] ECR I-6279

This judgement concerned visa rights and business activity. 

5. Mandelli 3/67 [1968] ECR 25

A case regarding contract negotiations and the provision of trade.  

6. Plaumann v Commission 25/62 [1963] ECR 199

A judicial review that concerned the ability to suspend customs duties on imports. 

7. Codorniu v Council C-309/89 [1994] ECR I-1853

A case concerning the establishment of quota systems for production and the ability of member states in this regard. 

8. Humblot 112/84 [1985] ECR 1367

Concerned the establishment of internal tax measures and established, along with a later ruling (Commission vs Greece (Car Tax) 1990), that EU member states could not fix the price of goods/services for companies outside their state.

9. Procureur du Roi v Dassonville 8/74 [1974] ECR 837

Whether certificates were necessary to be able to trade whisky (and thus other goods) throughout the EU.

10. Bosman C-415/93[1995] ECR I-4921

A judgement that allowed football players (workers) to move from one club to another at the end of their contracts without a transfer fee being required. 

11. British Telecom C-392/93 [1996] ECR I-1631

A case that looked at the procurement procedures of entities operating in the water, energy, transport and telecommunications sectors and whether the state (UK) had properly implemented the directive. 

12. ClientEarth C-404/13 [2014] 2382

A judgement that found the UK to be in breach of Directive 2008/50 on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe.

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