The role of the ECJ now and in the future

Firstly, welcome to the Brexit Legal Forum. This website looks to help in the debate over the role and influence of European courts over the UK's legal system and law.

The question of how much influence the court system has and should have is an issue that concerns the past, the present and the future of the United Kingdom. Ever since the government printed its position paper on the role of the ECJ post-Brexit, along with the Prime Minister's Florence Speech and concerns over a 'no deal' scenario with the EU, the role of the EU's highest court has come into focus.

This website is set to explore this role and, given the range of issues that the court has passed judgement on over the past 45 years, debate. 

Below are a few articles that might be of interest.

The role and influence of the ECJ:

1. What is the European Court of Justice?  

2. EU Law - the ECJ and primacy over national laws

3. The ECJ in the Encyclopedia Britannica

4. Explaining its role

Points of view:

1. The Telegraph

2. The Guardian

3. Financial Times

4. The Spectator

Some articles of interest:

IDS: The European Court of Justice's authority must end if we are to take back control:

Theresa May concedes ECJ rule during Brexit transition:

Forget ‘transition’. We must stay in the EU until a deal to leave is agreed:



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